Friday, November 4, 2011

The New York Times Magazine Photographs

Ryan McGinley, Emily Cook, from "Up!", published February 7, 2010

Alfred Seiland, from "Hanging Gardens: when the Bloom Is on the Line", published May 16, 2004

Bruce Weber, Brook Shields, from "Roughing It", published May 20, 1984

Martin Klimas, from "Food Fights!", published October 12, 2008

Jeff Koons, from "The Love That Dare Not Squawk Its Name: Inside the Science of Same-Sex Animal Pairings", published April 4, 2010

Michael O'Neill, Natasha Richardson, published June 6, 1993

James Nachtwey, A Somali woman being transported in a wheelbarrow from a hospital to a feeding center, published December 6, 1992. (Source: 2bp)

The New York Times Magazine Photographs / edited and with a foreword by Kathy Ryan ; preface by Gerald Marzorati ; photographs and notes by 140 photographers.

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